TS-series cooling equipment
Ścianowe chłodnice powietrza SCP(O)

SCP(O)-series compact air-coolers with cooling power of 15 to 60 kW are intended for use in underground mines is spaces with methane explosion hazard grade “a”, “b” or “c” and coal dust explosion hazard grade A or B.

The coolers together with ventilators comprise an electric equipment belonging to group I, M2 category.

The SCP(O)-series air-coolers are used in central and group air-conditioning systems. The air is cooled as a result of heat exchange between cold water and air. The air-coolers may also be powered from indirect cooling machines with evaporators cooling the water. .

The SCP(O) air-coolers were designed to lower the temperature in working areas, particularly to cool the air in longwalls and in vicinity of scraper conveyors’ drives. They may also be used in other working areas with necessity of lowering the ambient temperature.
The design of the SCP(O) air-coolers makes it possible to install them in any conditions and any position. In accordance with the working conditions and air-cooler parameters the manufacturer may equip the it with an appropriate fan.

The SCP(O)-series air-coolers are manufactured in square and round versions.