TS-series cooling equipment
Urządzenia bezpośredniego działania

Indirect cooling machines with cooling power 1000-3000 kW are intended for cooling water, which is further transported to gallery and/or longwall air-coolers in underground working areas.

The warm water from condenser cooling circuit of the indirect, stationary cooling machines is cooled down in evaporator-type water coolers installed within the return air-stream. Alternatively an open cooling method can be used i.e. the condenser is cooled directly with the water from underground water pipeline.

The indirect cooling machines consist of:
- aggregate with compressor, electric motor, condenser and controller with auxiliary equipment,
- set of evaporators and condenser,
- condenser-cooling water circuit (open or closed with evaporator-type water cooler)
- auxiliary equipment: pipelines, pumps, filters etc.